Monday, April 23, 2012

The Beginning of a Journey

This may be a really cliche way to start out a blog, but I truly believe everyone has a story. For whatever reason, the various events in an indivdual's life brings him or her to where he or she is meant to be, for better or worse. I love hearing people's stories, and even more, I love helping people who's stories have hit a bump in the road.

Finances are a passion of mine. Through a very interesting journey, I've been through a lot in the world of money and want to share my experiences. I don't intend for this to be a step-by-step "do this and you'll get this" type of blog or even for it to truly be an advice column, so to speak. Instead, I simply want to share my story and offer aid to anyone who might need a bit of a helping hand getting their dollars and cents figured out. I'm hoping I can show, not just tell, too.

Tomorrow I plan on posting my story-- I'll warn you now, it'll probably be a bit long. However, I really want you to learn more about me before I start telling you what my husband, Corey, and I have done to improve our financial life. I really don't feel as if I have any credibility unless I give you a bit of background. I'll do my best to at least keep it entertaining! :)

To start out though, here's just a tiny bit of "getting to know you" info about me:

1.) My name is Courtney Herendeen.
2.) I am a 2010 honors graduate of Bluffton University with degrees in business and writing.
3.) I currently work in the accounting department at a factory near my hometown.
4.) I am married and have a wonderful son-- and I feel that this point should be higher on the list, because they truly are at the very top of my priority list.
5.) I also am a Christian-- yes, this does relate to how I handle my finances. If you don't like it, tough-- don't read my blog. I'm not going to apologize.
6.) My intention isn't to help people who have a good handle on their finances-- I want to help the people who feel lost when they open their check register (or maybe don't even keep one) and have rarely, if ever, created a budget in their life (and feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing so). Please, feel free to keep reading if you don't fall into these categories, I just want to make it clear that that is my "target."
7.) I will very likely write ridiculously long blogs on more than one occasion. While my classmates always struggled to meet the word/page limits on assignments, I was the one who was struggling to cut information out to not be over. I promise to try to control myself, but while I love the mathematical, clear-cut side of numbers, I also love the creative, free side of writing. Hopefully I'll find a balance!

And that's where we're going to end it for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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