Monday, May 7, 2012

Too Easy

This weekend taught me something-- it is way too easy to spend money.

Corey, Tate, and I went a little crazy in the world of blowing cash during the past few days. Friday we went to Applebees, mostly because neither of us wanted to cook, then went to Menards while we were in town and got a few things (granted, they were things we needed, like a new hose-- ours had holes galore, but still...). Saturday was even worse-- we went to Toledo to the Amtrak station because they were having a free tour of the 40th Anniversary Train, and since Tate absolutely adores trains, we figured it would be a good (and cheap) thing to do. And it was... except for you factor in the gas, and that, since we were up there, we stopped at a few stores, and of course went out to eat. Poof! There goes the cash.

Let me go back for a minute-- I already knew it was easy to spend money. It's always easier to spend than to save. AND it's really really really really easy to forget how easy it is to spend money when you're in the store or out and about and just want to enjoy your time.

Which, to take further, I don't think there's anything wrong to spend money and enjoy your time to a certain extent. In all honesty, Corey and I only spent money we had this weekend-- nothing was put on a credit card or anything like that. And you know what, we do work hard for our money and should be able to do things that we enjoy with it. But by spending some of our extra money this weekend, that puts us a little bit further from reaching our goals. That has to be something we're okay with. Even more importantly, that has to be something that's always in the back of our minds as we're spending that cash, which I think is the hardest part.

One thing I've been thinking about doing is putting a picture or list of Corey and I's dreams in my wallet by my debit card and where I keep my cash. That way, every single time I swipe my debit card or spend a couple bucks, I have a visual reminder of what I'm taking from myself. I can actually think "Is this worth it?"

So, the moment of truth, was this weekend's spending worth it? Mostly, yes. Maybe going back I would have not been quite so free, but I am happy with all of our purchases and don't think we were too lavish. The way I look at it, Tate's only little once. To a certain point, we need to be here now and enjoy the time we have. Of course, there is a fine line between living in the moment and being dumb with what you're given, but I think most people have the common sense to know that... you just have to apply it! :)

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